About Game Day International

Game Day International, Inc. and its affiliated entity, Game Day Baseball Camps, Inc., are dedicated to the objective of impacting lives in a meaningful and profound way through the game of baseball.

Our primary purpose is to offer high quality baseball instruction through camps and clinics in various locations in the United States as well as through international team baseball events in Puerto Rico as well as other venues throughout the Caribbean.

Our non profit arm, Game Day International will also focus on various fund raising efforts to help “scholarship” athletes who could not otherwise afford to attend a high quality baseball camp or clinic as well as fund other charitable causes and projects in the United States as well as foreign locales.

Through our for-profit affiliate, Game Day Baseball Camps, Inc., we offer a baseball camp experience like no other. Yes, we teach the game of baseball, the fundamentals of the game that will make your athlete better, but we take it further than that. We also teach the importance of selfless acts of kindness, of giving back to the community and putting others before self. But we don’t stop there either. The world of competitive sports has taken an ominous turn, with the influx of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and we focus part of our teaching on that very subject. The need for education on remaining drug free is stronger today than it ever has been.

In short, we strive to make your athlete a better person – not just a better baseball player.

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